About LaTonya Washington


Why Work With Me?

LaTonya, also known as “LW,”  is not here to settle for the status quo. She is the Customer Journey Strategist who can help you shake things up and transform your business from the inside out. Whether you need to reinvent your business model, embrace new technologies, or create memorable customer experiences, LaTonya has the expertise and the passion to guide you along the way.

She will work with you to understand your current situation, define your goals, and design solutions that will set you up for long-term success. She will coach you through every step of the process, from developing your business initiatives, creating your service offerings to customer journey mapping.

LaTonya is not only a strategist, but also a Professor and a speaker. She teaches social media marketing, advanced social media, and brand building and media design at the college level. She has also shared her insights and knowledge on various platforms around the world, including California, Ohio, Georgia, Texas, and Lagos, Nigeria.

LaTonya’s approach is based on social behavior and message processing. She knows how to engage and inspire audiences with her dynamic and interactive style. If you are ready to disrupt the mediocre and take your business to the next level, LaTonya Washington is the Customer Journey Strategist for you.