About LaTonya Washington


Why Work With Me?

Born to disrupt the mediocre, LaTonya Washington is the Customer Journey Strategist you seek out when you know it’s time to transform your cultural and digital atmosphere and accelerate operations that enable you to focus on regaining relevance in customer relations for future growth and sustainability.

She understands that in today’s competitive landscape, brands, businesses, entrepreneurs and administrative leaders are under major pressure to rethink their business models, navigate evolving technologies and create personalized, customer-centric experiences. 

LaTonya meets you where you are in your journey to develop objectives, strategies and solutions, enabling you to build a strong foundation for sustainable growth.

Her coaching sessions are intense and she works hand-in-hand with you to develop your business initiatives, and service creation goals.

LaTonya’s method of instruction is very engaging and grounded in social behavior and message processing. She has been allotted platforms around the world, to include California, Ohio, Georgia, Texas, and internationally, Lagos, Nigeria.