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How A Crisis Turned Into an Opportunity for Me”

My story began when I was traveling from California to Atlanta for a business workshop and had a terrible experience at the airport. The staff was rude, the flight was delayed, and my new luggage was all scratched up.  I felt frustrated, angry and helpless. Then I had an “epiphany.”  If this is happening to me, it is happening to others – they too are frustrated, angry and feel helpless due to the bad customer experience. My radar became so sensitive, that I started noticing recurring experiences from numerous businesses… now that’s the CRISIS. So…..

“I decided to do something about it.”

I developed an educational and training platform aimed at assisting small businesses, online E-commerce stores, and entrepreneurs in enhancing their service quality, because I know that if there are no customers, there is no business.  No business, no revenue. The goal is to cultivate a customer-centric approach that not only attracts new customers but also encourages repeat business and referrals.

Entrepreneur and small business owner: “Navigating the challenges of today’s competitive and fast-paced business landscape can be daunting. With countless tasks to manage and constant pressure to innovate, you still need to ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied with what you offer. Additionally, building and maintaining a great reputation is crucial for long-term success.

“So what do you do?”

If you want to ensure you are not missing “moments” with your audience, well informed on how to thrive in the digital world and develop a brand that connects with customers, stay connected with me for more knowledge and resources.  That’s what you do!

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Here, you will power up your communication skills to develop authentic relationships and know how to handle the challenging ones too! Nourish emotional well-being by enhancing acceptance and compassion. LEARN MORE

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I harp on breaking down your process of getting you from connecting to potential clientele to the paid contract. LEARN MORE

download human relations guide ebook


The strategic leadership worksheet will help you grow and scale your business. The following key areas have been identified as being of high importance in today’s competitive world. LEARN MORE

proposal plus contact equals profit


The brand and culture of your business are what people remember you by, but if it is not clear to your audience, they will walk right on down the road to your competitor. LEARN MORE



Private coaching sessions are for those business owners and entrepreneurs ready to dive deeper into their message and want that private, one-on-one coaching necessary to get through the obstacles of finding their advantages, developing their content within platforms and masterminding strategic plans

What They Say About LaTonya

Customer Reviews

When it comes to recruiting staff from a pool of professionals, I realized that our recruiters and staff members at ITH Staffing Inc., would need to be on their A game to get those professionals to want to work through us.

In that, as the Executive Director, I wanted to ensure our recruiters were versed in customer service and ensuring they were comfortable to deal with crises, and understand the people they were interviewing, whether it be via the phone or in person.

I hired LaTonya Washington and the Customer Culture program because of her personality and positive nature. I also saw how she connected with others which set the tone and changed atmospheres, allowing those in sessions to believe they could change and become better in their own personal development. I immediately saw the results in our staff members as they were placing positive sayings in their areas so upon entry into the work place, their very own attitudes would be in tune with a great day.

The Customer Culture program was so effective, that I informed Ms. Washington that I wanted her to also apply the program to our sister company in the Los Angeles area.

constance moonzwe

Constance Moonzwe

Executive Director, ITH Staffing

“LaTonya, I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from staff. They loved your energy and believe you have given them tools they will be able to utilize. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.”

constance moonzwe

Derrell Wix

Transportation Supervisor LEUSD

LaTonya Washington has provided conferences, workshops and special programs throughout the United States for several years. I can personally speak to the quality and professionalism of her as well as her team. I have personally attended several of her customer culture training sessions in Southern California. Because of the outstanding attention to detail, guiding attendees to levels of understanding and breakthrough, excellent customer service, and smooth execution, I hired them to come to our office for training of our staff. I am happy to say, I am still a happy and satisfied customer, and my staff were the better for it.

LaTonya Washington is personable, interacts with her team in a positive way, and understands diversity. Her team is considerate, operates with a high moral and ethical code and train well.

commissioner kandee lewis

Kandee Lewis

Executive Director, The Positive Results Corporation

Latonya has garnered such incredible feedback from the attendees in her training”. In so much, we have invited her to chat more with us and get to know her even more, as she has had such positive response by employees to her sessions. We have really never seen such positive survey feedback and this suggested to us that she has something special.”

I don’t share this to boast, but to encourage you to be your best. Your gifts will more room for you, develop your craft…”

constance moonzwe


Director of Human Resources, Pharmaceutical Company In San Diego