"Empowering You to Get Your Purposeful Message Out to the World"


Speakers and Trainers!  How many times have you sat in the audience, craving to be on stage in front of an audience that you know needs to hear your message? Yes, you've been changed by the speakers you've watched.  Now it is your time to speak to an audience that you can make a difference with, who will buy your purposeful books, CDs, DVDs, and help expand your reach.  Well, let me help you impact hundreds of people with your message.  

I help speakers and entrepreneurs make a bigger impact with their signature message while building a business on their own terms.  I have placed speakers in front of audiences of executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs around the Globe with expansion of their brand, territory and money in their pocket over the past 5 years.   One fact I've found is that when you understand the needs of people, you begin to connect and provide solutions that will keep them coming back for more; But, you have to get in front of them first....right?

Hello! I’m LaTonya Washington and I founded The Customer Culture and International L.I.S.T. Tour for Entrepreneurs to help companies and individuals focus on the audience for profitability.  I’ve been a Corporate Customer Focus Strategist in Southern California for over 5 years  and help universities, companies, and entrepreneurs leverage their brand in the  marketplace based on the proper customer experience.  


This 6-week ON DEMAND curriculum is devoted to empowering speakers and trainers  to provide a shattering impact on their audience, be known for their expertise and be in DEMAND.  You can create your own platform, just like me, and I can help you.  To begin, You MUST know your WHY and your WHO!  Some of the topics include: Getting CLARITY on your WHY; Improving the structure of EFFECTIVE TARGETING; Creating your OWN Workshops; Measuring the 4Ps of MARKETING;  and more..

Messages From You


Your greatest asset is YOU, but we often don't see ourselves that way.  I get it and sometimes you just need help getting from point A to point B.  Remember that without the audience, there is no profit. If you are in need of results, enroll in my on-line course.  You will:

  • Learn skills to elevate your speaking (business) engagement
  • Reinforce your "why"
  • Have access to exclusive content and experiences
  • Learn how to lead your own workshop
  • Obtain support and  encouragement

First, let's see if you are a good fit for the on-line course.  Register here today and let's talk it over. 


Educate Yourself on Others



Your audience needs to be at the center of your work and you must understand how to leverage your strengths to influence them and make a difference.

You will have the opportunity to undergo:

  • People skills training
  • Interactive seminars
  • Customer relations support

Many people assume that customer relations is just a greet, a smile, and a handshake; it is so much more.  It is the pulse of your business.

Let's see if you and your team fit these sessions.  Register today!



Speaking Blog

A motivational speaker is a speaker who offers talks that inspire audiences.

Their words are often powerful and their talks impactful, regardless of whether they are attempting to challenge, transform or convince the audience.

These talks are intended to fire the audience up and get them to take action. 

Now, understand you can do the same.  When you realize that your story has a message, you will be able to inspire, challenge and transform others.  Get the courage... Will you make the CUT!?


LinkedIn Profile Blueprint Session


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 There are over 350 million professionals on LinkedIn and in order for you to stand out, either B2B or B2C, you need to pay great attention to creating a strong profile.  

With me, you will receive a one-hour content creation session going over the perfect fit for you to include:

  • Headline Creation
  • Appropriate URL
  • Profile Photo Do's and Don'ts
  • Background
  • Summary Creation
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Skills

Only 51% of LinkedIn Users are said to have 100% completed profiles, so let's make sure you are visible and memorable.   Get in Today!  Once you purchase, you will be sent a message to schedule your session.