People remember you by the mental mindset they have of your brand.  The question is – Are you emotionally connecting to them? I mean, do they remember you even when not in your presence and truly believe you can give them what they are searching for.

In order to position your brand, you have to know your advantage points and how “what you know and experienced” can be relatable and help them get to their “promise land.” That is what brand positioning is all about. On top of that, you have to stay relevant, which makes for loyal customers.  Depending on where people are in their lives, they want to be educated, inspired and/or entertained, all wrapped in convenience. This is a HUGE aspect as to what people find important when making a purchase.⁠

This Create and Launch Marketing Program takes you through the journey of flushing out your personal and professional advantage points, and packaging it up into content that allows you to launch, stay relevant and expand your business.

So come ready to learn, because you were created to CREATE!

General Questions


For the On Demand Create and Launch Program, can we go at our own pace?

Yes you can! Because there are videos and worksheets, you can go through the program as quickly or as slowly as you would like. However, I meet with you weekly for 4 weeks to ensure you are on point with developing your value proposition, flushing out your ICA (ideal client avatar) and guiding you through your marketing plan and strategy for your product or service based launch.

How much will it cost?
We have a price structure in place and after the initial free 30 minute discovery consult, you can make the decision on which service best fits your needs, the C&L Marketing Program or the one on one business coaching.
With the business coaching, is this lecture style or hands-on?
We believe in enjoyment while learning. We are very much equipped to teach while engaging you in the training segments. There is also a community group where you are able to ask questions and obtain answers, so you continue to grow.